Nyamah’s jewelry is subtle yet fierce, minimal yet momentous and most of all simple yet soulful. Nyamah allows the wearer to become their own masterpiece and empowers them to continually become better versions of themselves over time.

In this way our body adornments are much more than something you wear; it becomes a part of who you are. If you ever wanted to adorn yourself with a sense of passion, power and purpose, then you have come to the right place.

  • Sweta Mahtani

    I recently purchased the Pavé Diamond Eternity band by Nyamah Jewelry, and I just wanted to say I am gabsmacked at how beautiful it is. Wow. I expected good quality diamonds, but I wasn't expecting the amount of sparkle I got. I had decided to splurge on this ring because I'm at the end of my PhD and wanted something to associate with that, and now I am fighting an addiction to your jewelry!

    Thank you for brightening my day and making such beautiful things. Stay safe, lots of love for you guys.

  • Rhea Surana

    Heyy, the Starburst Diamond Necklace is stunning. I wore it on my birthday yesterday and got so many compliments for it! Love the packaging, love the necklace and love Nyamah. Lol at me staring at your website contemplating my next move. You guys are the best, keep spreading cheer through your work. Love from Poland!

  • Pratham Bharadwaj

    Purchased a set of earrings to much a pendant I had previously purchased for my partner. They are beautiful, exactly how I and my partner wanted them. In addition, the team at Nyamah is very helpful and made the few tweaks I required too! Will 100% recommend buying from them.