Our story

NYAMAH noun \n-y-aa-m-a-h\

(Sanskrit: न्यामः , lit. ‘One who is all powerful’).


Nyamah is an everyday fine jewelry brand based in Mumbai, circa 2021, created with the intention of redefining classic jewelry for the modern woman. In a world where fashion trends change rapidly, Nyamah embraces a ‘less-is-just-enough’ philosophy, an ideology our founder lives by.

Our philosophy permeates into the jewelry design; effortless, classic and personal. The brand aspires to tell stories through its aesthetics, both distinct and subtle to foster a deeper sense of connection with one’s inner self.

At the heart of the line, Nyamah offers the foundation of staples for any woman’s jewelry wardrobe. Each piece is wilfully crafted to celebrate the wearer every day – and therefore the pieces can go from the breakfast table to the dance floor, your office desk to your kitchen and from the shower to bed; without having the wearer ever take them off.

The beauty of a Nyamah woman lies not in her appearance – it is of the soul. She is comfortable in her own skin, embraces vulnerability and is uninhibited in self-expression. She is inspired, fiercely independent and speaks her truth. She is unapologetic in the pursuit of her dreams and strives not simply to be successful but to be of value. These ideals are embraced in her effortless sense of style. She lives life indulging in her passions, tasting experiences to the utmost.

Designed with purpose, the line emphasises longevity through mastered jewelry techniques and exceptional fit. Apart from the jewelry, Nyamah places great importance on partnering with different organisations to consciously shed light on issues close to the designer’s heart.




In this age of mass retailers churning out products relentlessly, we wanted to create a brand with soul. Our designs are intuitive and thoughtful, simple pleasures to look at and live in.

Being a direct-to-consumer brand, Nyamah pieces are crafted in our own production facility and sold directly via e-commerce platforms. This has a huge cost advantage to our customers as the prices are 20-30% lesser than traditional retail houses.

Apart from affordable pricing, our jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity for the diamonds and gold used, along with free shipping anywhere within India.

Nyamah’s jewelry is subtle yet fierce, minimal yet momentous and most of all simple yet soulful. Our body adornments are much more than something you wear; it becomes a part of who you are. If you ever wanted to adorn yourself with a sense of passion, power and purpose, then you have come to the right place.




For designer Shrishti Soni, Nyamah is an on-going journey of her cultural heritage and self-discovery. At its core, the brand mirrors Shrishti’s values of living with clarity, purpose and intentionality. She has always strived to abide by a minimalist lifestyle and continues to pursue mindful consumption in everyday life.

Design became a conduit for creative expression at a young age for her. She began creating jewelry out of unexpected everyday materials in her environments; from spare paper clips and antique buttons to denims and cowrie shells. Fueled by her ambition and passion to create a brand that pays homage to the past while emphatically striving forward, Nyamah was born.

Each Nyamah box is inscribed with one of Shrishti’s favorite quote by Lao Tzu, “Because she competes with no one, no one competes with her.” This statement holds true to Shrishti herself and to the woman she designs for. Each piece created is with intention, embodying a certain tenor to the woman wearing it.