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Nebula Diamond Earcuffs

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The Nebula Diamond Earcuffs encapsulate the spirit of refinement and glamour, enabling you to make a captivating statement without the need for piercings. Designed to provide a seamless and personalized fit, these earcuffs are custom-made to suit the unique contours of your ears. Their ergonomic design ensures a snug fit, effortlessly enveloping your earlobes with a secure embrace. Whether you're attending a glamorous soirée or simply desire an everyday touch of sophistication, the Nebula Diamond Earcuffs are your go-to choice for effortless elegance.

With their ingeniously engineered design, they remain in place throughout the day, ensuring a worry-free experience. Yet, when desired, they can be easily adjusted or removed, allowing you to effortlessly transition from daytime chic to evening glamour.

Each piece is made-to-order and hand-crafted with a unique diamond setting, so please allow for a longer ship time.

These earcuffs are manufactured locally in Mumbai, India. All materials are 100% authentic and certified to be ethically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Gross weight: 4.3-4.7 grams. 

Diamond weight: 1.04-1.08 carats. 

Sold as a pair.