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Serpents Embrace Ruby Ring (Natural Rubies)

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Crafted with the finest 18k solid gold and adorned with natural pigeons blood red rubies, this ring is a tantalizing masterpiece that captures attention with its captivating design.

As the ring spirals and coils around your finger, it effortlessly embodies the serpents' embrace, adding a touch of mystique to your style. Dare to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement with this unique jewelry piece that demands attention when worn solo.

Each piece is made-to-order and hand-crafted with a unique diamond setting, so please allow for a longer ship time.

This ring is manufactured locally in Mumbai, India. All materials are 100% authentic and certified to be ethically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Gross weight: 5.2-5.6 grams 

Ruby weight: 3.16-3.20 carats 

Ring size: 10 (customisable)

For a different ring size, reach out to us on Instagram @nyamahjewelry or write to us on